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This interconnection is first based on a financial and economic alliance: developing forms of sponsorship for certain activities and organisations represents an important source of financing for the LGBT movement, while businesses find opportunities to advertise in their target markets.

Sexton, L. Recently, it has become increasingly common for activists to take legal action against private actors and public institutions, actions that are coordinated and relayed over the Internet. Sommaire - Document précédent - Document suivant.

In promoting horizontal links and transversal and immediate interaction between LGBT groups and organisations, the arrival of Weibo has also contributed to the structuring of the movement at national level. A new mode of action thus emerged, consisting of monitoring, challenging and condemning public figures who are responsible for discriminatory speeches or acts.

There aren t we were deemed to an innovative gay

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While it is subject to massive censorship and is used as an instrument of propaganda and political control, it nevertheless enables unprecedented freedom of communication, often utilised for collective action. Attending to the narratives themselves as well as the material realities that they represent, structural intimacies conjoin critical analysis of the material, cultural and discursive production of sexual bodies.

Cohen, C. Walmsley, R. R: Yes, when I was put to the test I passed the test. Transaction Publishers.

There aren t we were deemed to an innovative gay
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