Two men have been arrested in Ghana for using Grindr to rob and blackmail gay victims

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Two men have been arrested in Ghana for using Grindr to rob and blackmail gay victims спасибо, прочитал

Google Very handful of web-sites that transpire to be comprehensive The four other suspects, identified only as Courage, Willie, Semanu and Dickson, are said to have taken a number of pictures of the victim after they had stripped him naked. Google Please stop by the sites we comply with, including Two men in Texas have been charged with hate crimes after being accused of using the app Grinder to lure at least nine men into their apartment and beat and rob them, an unsealed indictment revealed on Wednesday.

Gay men who seek companionship online frequently fall victim to extortionists and blackmailers, especially in homophobic countries and especially in Africa. I'm already a fan, don't show this again. Agyem warned that anyone who goes on Grindr in Ghana—where gay sex is illegal and punishable with three years in prison—should be on their guard.

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  • In the video, these young men were verbally and physically abused by hotel attendants who questioned why they were attracted to men and not women — an answer they insinuated was due to their initiation into blood money sakawa.
  • Read more. Human rights groups say that violent homophobic attacks against LGBT people are common in Ghana, often encouraged by the media and religious leaders.
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Two men have been arrested in Ghana for using Grindr to rob and blackmail gay victims
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