Travelling as a gay couple in the UAE felt like we had gone back into the closet

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But as far as i know gay marriage has been legalised. They will live a life of hell. I wanna come up with an idea how we can make a better and accepting community for Gays in Nepal. I have a really good job here and really wears me down that i have to learn German since marriage is on plan in 6months.

Dubai does have its perks however, but I think everyone is blinded by the luxurious facade of this city to realize the injustices that do occur. They re very kind and welcome to you from their heart. There is no need to take offense as we are all allowed to have an opinion. I never said work conditions for Indians in India are better.

A CBP officer will attempt to determine if the purpose of your visit is valid.

Travelling as a gay couple in the UAE felt like we had gone back into the closet

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From check in to check out the service was superb.

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Roll your eyes at yet another kale Caesar salad all you want.

Travelling as a gay couple in the UAE felt like we had gone back into the closet
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