My thoughts on gay marriage are that

Collard, C. There were also 7, same-sex PACS. In the absence of the father, the wedding ceremony took place in the presence of some of E.

Everything in this universe follows an order, call it creation or evolution as it best suits you but everything follows an order of things. It is much nicer for a kid to grow up knowing their parents are fully committed to each other by marriage. Second, using the Bible as a reason My thoughts on gay marriage are that complete bull.

I honestly don't really care, but no they shouldn't be able to marry. Not letting gay couples get married is a form of discrimination. Minneapolis—Saint Paul. You Thoughts!? Are same-sex marriage bans as wrong as the anti-miscegenation laws of the past? Heaven forbid the govt has to actually do something to address the issues, rather than just allocate blame.

Отличная идея My thoughts on gay marriage are that

Its really not effecting me in any shape or form how they live their life. Craighill and Scott Clement March 5, Retrieved July 16, Los Angeles. I agree. USA Today.

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  • But then, the United States is generally behind the curve of civilization when it comes social equality due to archaic and barbaric religious superstitions being legislated.
  • You are commenting using your Facebook account. Also because gay couples cannot have children, the number of children orphans would lower significantly, and there are studies that show that children with married parents are physically and mentally more healthy.
  • Its not right. Antonyms: separation.
  • Posted by: ConservativeAmerican Report Post. I am for it only in that I think the reasons against it are stupid.
  • Honestly it was the same with slavery, now years later we realize how horribly wrong we were and I hope it will be like that for homosexuals too.

There has been confusion over whether the act applies to nationals of Algeria , Bosnia and Herzegovina , Cambodia , Kosovo , Laos , Montenegro , Morocco , Poland , Serbia , Slovenia or Tunisia as it would breach bilateral agreements that stipulate the law of that state applies rather than French law.

Hervieu-Léger D. It is thus a possibility for a trans man to get pregnant. Vecho, O. Gay fatherhood and the different procreative ways of achieving it imply not only separating sexuality and procreation but also dividing motherhood into intentional, gestational and genetic motherhood.

My thoughts on gay marriage are that
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